Why So Many Brands?

 Some of our competitors have over 2.000 different food items under a single  brand,which really is amazing.Unfortunately we cannot claim  that every item they pack are really of good quality.


We are, certainly, aware of the fact  that you want good quality, good taste, good packaging, continuity of supply  and a competative price level.


10 brands = 10 pallets = 1 full container !


Simply we are able to provide upto 10 different brands of different food items in the same 20 ft. container.


You can get 1 pallet out of each brand. Moreover you can get upto 5 different items of the same brand on the same pallet.This way you will be able to get upto 50 different food items in the same container.

Is it not more  advantageous  not to keep so many different items in stock of large quantities in your warehouse?


All you need to do is choose the food items in order to help us prepare a proforma invoice for you.Just hit the “Add to Proforma Invoice” button and let us prove how hard we can work for you.